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What is the Infoladen?

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The Infoshop offers a variety of thing:


Since January 2008 the infocafe has been open three days a week –Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. We offer a space to drink coffee, tea or anything else for a donation and a space to exchange ideas and meet up with others.

In the Infocafé you can find current information on political and social topics, for example information about the changes in our district, feminism, antifascism and a lot more.

You can also find material on the mobilisation of current campaigns and events, T-Shirts, patches, pins, prevailing political books, collectively-produced coffee, espresso, Mate-tea, olive-oil and much more!

Magazines, Newspapers, Books

The Infoshop has a variety of newspapers and magazines, which can be read here or can be borrowed. We have a small number of documentaries which can be borrowed, and we have a small but constantly growing library which covers different political topics. There is a focus on gentrification and city development as well as analyses and critiques on racism. You can borrow all maganzines, films and books from the infoshop for free!


 Borrowing equipment

The Infoshop has a constantly growing supply of practical, useful equipment, which it is possible to borrow for you or your group for non-commercial events. The equipment can be borrowed for free or for a small donation. You can find a list of it here!

Space for Group Meetings

In addition to the Infocafé we offer the room for free to those who want to use it, either for private meetings or open events. If you have questions about using the space, please ask us at our weekly meeting on Tuesdays or write us an Email.

Who is organising the Infoshop?

We who organise the Infoshop Wilhelmsburg, are a diverse bunch of people. We come from different contexts and are engaged in different things but we are united through a disagreement with many things that surround us. We think, for example that the IBA and their projects don’t help the people in the district but are instead responsible for rent increases which force people from their homes here.

With the Infoshop we want to create a space in which meeting up, exchanging ideas, getting organised, spreading information and doing political work can be possible without financial barriers.

We want to create our lives equally and in solidarity with each other and show alternatives to the authoritarian and discriminating circumstances of our society. We hope that we can achieve small steps towards emancipatory politics and that we can shatter the many mechanisms of oppression within the capitalist reality, be that racism, sexism, anti-Semitism or homophobia.

Once a week, on Tuesdays at 18.00 the Infoshop user’s meeting takes place where we discuss everything to do with the organisation of the shop. If you want to participate, you are very welcome to come along.

What else?

Are you in a group that wants to meet regularly? Do you write or paint and look for a opportunity to show your work to others? Do you, for example, disagree with what the IBA is doing in Wilhelmsburg and want to do something against it with other people? Do you and your friends, for example, not want to be hassled by the security of the S-Bahn anymore and want to get organised?

We aim to support all those who want to get self organised non-commercially, in realising their projects. So if you have ideas about what you want to do in the Infoshop, you are very welcome to come along during our opening hours or at the weekly Infoshop user’s meeting.